Yasmin Nathalie

Yasmin Nathalie (also known as Erika Jordan) was born on May 19, 1982 in Ansbach, Germany. At age eighteen, Jordan packed everything she had into a U-haul and moved to Los Angeles, California. She got her start modeling for various fitness magazines. Erika landed her first starring role in the low-budget B movie "Attack of the Virgin Mummies" at age nineteen. At age twenty she snagged a gig as the weather girl for Weekend Flash and then became the co-host for the Playboy TV series "Totally Busted." Jordan was subsequently cast as a ditsy secretary on the show "Canoga Park." You can see her regularly on Cinemax in movies such as, Sexy Wives Sindrome and Santa Barbara Reunion.

"Barely legal" (2011)

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