Tina Krause

Tina Krause (born July 29, 1970, Queens, New York, is an American film actress, producer, director, and model. Her first feature was Sorority Slaughter, in 1994. By the time she was in her 30s, she had become a "huge fan favorite". Krause has appeared in over 78 independent, direct-to-video features, including Penny Dreadful, The Drunken Dead Guy, The Thirsting, Zombiegeddon, and Play Dead.[9] She has also done some fetish modeling, sometimes under the stage name Mia Copia. Her latest project is a film titled Horrotica which began its principal filming in the New York–New Jersey area in June 2009.

"Bad biology"

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"Diner for two" (720p)

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"Claw" (1080p)

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