Teri Weigel

Teresa "Teri" Susan Weigel (born February 24, 1962) is an American actress, fashion and nude model. She appeared on the cover of the November 1985 issue of Playboy, and then was the Playboy Playmate for April 1986. Weigel also appeared in a number of Playboy videos. She subsequently had several minor roles in mainstream film, including Predator 2 and Marked for Death, and made several appearances as "Jade" on Married... with Children. Weigel was in a severe car accident in August 1990, in which she suffered severe neck and back injuries that required five operations. Unable to work for four months due to her injuries, she and her husband, Murrill Maglio, were forced to sell their home and move into an apartment. During production on a nude video that was one of Weigel's last projects for Playboy, a co-worker suggested doing adult movies in order to earn money. Though initially dismissive of the idea, Weigel, considering her dwindling career options, eventually reconsidered and became a pornstar!

"Savage beach"

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"Bloody pom poms"

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