Sara Malakul Lane

Sara Malakul Lane (born February 1, 1983) is a successful Thai model and actress. She began modeling at the age of 14, and has also been in a number of big screen movies. Sara is a model of Thai-English descent. Her father is an English businessman named Alistair Lane. Her mother, Madam Tuptim Malakul Na Ayuthaya. In 2003, at the age of 21, the Anglo-Thai beauty landed her first Hollywood film, Belly of the Beast, alongside Steven Seagal as his kidnapped daughter. After two years in American showbiz, the 29-year-old affirms that Hollywood is not for the faint-hearted. ‘You’d think that because I’m famous in Thailand everything is going to come by easy. However, as much as Thailand is a great country, in the film world it’s not significant,’ she divulges.


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"Sun choke"

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"Jailbait" (2160P)

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"Jailbait" (2160P)

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"Jailbait" (2160P)

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"Jailbait" (2160P)

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"Jailbait" (2160P)

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"Jailbait" (2160P)

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"Jailbait" (2160P)

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"Who's watching Oliver" (1080P)

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"Wishing for a dream" (1080P)

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