Simone Walraven

Simone "Siepie" Walraven (born in Amsterdam, on September 9th, 1966) is a Dutch DJ, TV hostess and jurymember of 'Popstars'. When Simone was 15 she started her radiocareer reading newsbulletins and hosting a radioshow for 'Radio Decibel'. In 1985 she was contracted by Radio Veronica to do some radio and tv work. Her big break came when she became the hostess of the popshow 'Countdown' on Dutch television. Simone interviewed a lot of famous popstars and met Johnny Hates Jazz singer Clark Datchler. The two married in 1990. The marriage ended in 2009. In 1987 Simone tried her luck at acting and got the lead in the movie 'Donna Donna'. For the male fans of Simone it was extra exciting, because of a fully nudescene she did! In 1988 Simone pulled back from public life and left Holland with her husband.... to return in 2010 to be a jurymember of 'Popstars'.

"Donna Donna"

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