Ruby LaRocca

Ruby Larocca was born in 1981 in New Jersey, USA. She met Factory 2000 filmmakers, Bill Hellfire and Joey Smack, in October 1999 at the annual New Jersey Chiller Theater Convention during their promotion for the movie 'Duck!' in which they recruited her to act in her first movies alongside Misty Mundae. Ruby started doing movies in 2000 and stars in about 5 movies a year. She is now also producing, writing and directing. Her first writer/producer/director project is the 2010 movie 'Related by Valentine's lover'.

"Bone sickness"

Avi: 30.6 mb ---- Time: 3:01

"Flesh for the beast"

Avi: 37.4 mb ---- Time: 2:48


Avi: 71.6 mb ---- Time: 2:48

"Flesh for the beast"

Avi: 37.4 mb ---- Time: 3:20


Avi: 85.3 mb ---- Time: 3:20

"Faces of schlock"

Avi: 40.2 mb ---- Time: 3:01

"My vampire lover" (720p)

Avi: 121 mb ---- Time: 4:05

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