Roxanne McKee

Roxanne McKee (born 10 August 1980) is a British actress and model. She was born at Worthing, England. After completing a BA degree in 2001 in Social Policy & Political Studies at Royal Holloway, University of London, McKee rose to fame by winning Hollyoaks On The Pull, a Channel 4 initiative to discover new talent for the popular British soap Hollyoaks. Upon selection, Roxanne was cast as Louise Summers in Hollyoaks. In 2008 Roxanne appeared in the Taio Cruz music video for 'She's Like a Star'. In 2009 she has filmed parts in Johannes Roberts' new Hooligan Horror film 'F', BBC2's 'The Persuasionists' and BBC3 Lesbian drama Lip Service. In July 2009, Roxanne became the face of Clothes Show Live in December 2009, stating: "I've always watched it on TV and wanted to go, so I'm very flattered to be part of such a huge event." In 2010 she was cast in a small role in on-line drama EastEnders: E20, playing bisexual character Pippa.

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