Isabella Rossellini

Beautiful daughter of Ingrid Bergman (whom she closely resembles) and director Roberto Rossellini who turned to acting in the midst of a long, successful modeling career and now wears both hats with ease. She initially worked as a TV journalist in Europe; her first movie appearance, opposite her mother in Vincente Minnelli's little-seen A Matter of Time (1976), was more or less a lark. American audiences next saw her in 1985's White Nights in which she appeared with then-lover, ballet dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov. Rossellini took a gamble on her modeling futureshe was earning millions of dollars as the primary model in all LancĂ´me cosmetics advertising-by appearing in a distinctly unglamorous, explicit, even unpleasant role in David Lynch's Blue Velvet (1986).

"Blue Velvet"

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