Rosalba Neri

Rosalba Neri (born in Forlì, 19 June 1939), sometimes credited as Sara Bey or Sara Bay, is a retired Italian actress. Born in Forlì, Emilia-Romagna, Italy, Rosalba was regarded for her beauty even in youth, winning a beauty pageant when she was still young. Eventually pursuing an acting career, she attended il Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia (The Center for Experimental Cinematography). She also received an offer to attend the Actor's Studio in the United States, but did not accept. She began her film career a year prior to that, at the age of 15 with a role in the film I Pinguini ci guardano (The Penguins Watch Us) in which the animals at the zoo watched the humans around them and cultivated some very interesting thoughts. Many sources, however, list her first film as Mogli pericolose. Blood River (1977) is her last credited film. In 1985 she did appear in the Italian miniseries Olga e I suoi figli (Olga and her children).

"99 women"

Avi: 38.6 mb ---- Time 2:50


Avi: 83.3 mb ---- Time 2:50

"La figlia di Frankenstein"

Avi: 34.7 mb ---- Time 2:31


Avi: 74.4 mb ---- Time 2:31

"Slaughter hotel" (2160p)

MP4: 169 mb ---- Time 2:18

"Slaughter hotel" (2160p)

MP4: 148 mb ---- Time 2:02

"Slaughter hotel" (2160p)

MP4: 167 mb ---- Time 2:16

"Slaughter hotel" (2160p)

MP4: 180 mb ---- Time 2:27

"The devil's wedding night" (1080p)

Avi: 99 mb ---- Time 2:19

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