Petra Schmidt-Schaller

Petra Schmidt-Schaller (born 28 August 1980) is a German actress. Having played leading roles in several German films, a minor part in Dark Castle Entertainment's Unknown (2011) was her first international assignment. After A Hero's Welcome (Nacht vor Augen, 2008) and Almanya – Welcome to Germany (Almanya – Willkommen in Deutschland, 2011), Unknown was her third work that was screened at the Berlin International Film Festival. For the TV movie Happiness Divided (Das geteilte Glück, 2010) she was awarded the German Actors’ Award and was nominated for the German Television Award as best actress. In Marcus H. Rosenmüller’s comedy-drama Sommer in Orange she starred as Amrita, a member of the Rajneesh movement caught between the pursuit of self-realization and the love of her children.

"Ein fliehendes Pferd"

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"Ein fliehendes Pferd"

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