Pia Zadora

Pia had a relatively successful singing career. She made pop and traditional vocal albums in the 80s, scoring a Grammy nomination in 1982 for the song "Rock It Out" (for Female Rock performance). Her biggest hits in the U.S. were "The Clapping Song" (1983) and "When the Rain Begins to Fall" (duet with Jermaine Jackson) (1984). Among her albums: Pia (1982), Let's Dance Tonite (1984) Pia & Phil (with the London Philharmonic) (1985), I Am What I Am (again with the London Philharmonic) (1986), When the Lights Go Out (1988) Reflections/Today (1988), and Pia Z (1989). She also had songs on the soundtracks to her films Butterfly (1981) and Voyage of the Rock Aliens (1986). She went on to perform in Las Vegas, opening for such pop standard veterans as Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra and others.

"The lonely lady" (1080p)

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"The lonely lady" (1080p)

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"The lonely lady" (1080p)

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"Butterfly" (1080p)

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