Phyllis Davis

Phyllis Davis was born on July 17, 1940 in Port Arthur, Texas, USA. Her first acting break began with small parts in Elvis Presley movies. Love, American Style (1969) were holding auditions for the show. 200 actresses had already been tested and rejected. Phyllis put on a bathing suit and was hired on the spot. After a five season run with Love, American Style (1969), Phyllis started to get some small movie roles. She had a chance encounter with Candy Spelling, wife of Aaron Spelling, who at that moment was casting for a new TV series called Vega$ (1978). Phyllis ended up with the role of "Beatrice" or "Bea" on Vega$ (1978) from 1978-81. After Vega$ (1978), Phyllis appeared in a few Aaron Spelling made-for-TV movies. Phyllis died in 2013 from cancer.

"Terminal island" (1080p)

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"Sweet Sugar" (1080p)

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"Sweet Sugar" (1080p)

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