Niki Rubin

Niki was born in Kfar Saba, Israel, on April 11, 1984, but was raised in South Brunswick, NJ and now resides in New York, traveling all over the world for her work and passions. Having grown up with her Grandfather, Samuel Rubin "Sam The Popcorn Man" owning movie theaters and theaters in the Tri-State area, Niki joined him in his love for the arts. Some of Niki's main passions in life are Performing, Creating, and Healing, whether it be Acting, Modeling, Singing, Performance Art, Painting, and Teaching Yoga. Having studied these all her life, she managed to make a career doing everything she loves. A two-time award-winning Lead/ Supporting Actress, she has inspired and models for a published comic book character, Lady Action.

"Frathouse massacre"

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