Nieves Navarro

Nieves Navarro (born Nieves Navarro García; November 11, 1938) is a retired Spanish-born Italian actress and fashion model. Navarro worked extensively in Italian cinema appearing alongside actors such as Totò and Lino Banfi in the 1960s and 70s. She later adopted the Americanized stage name Susan Scott for many of her productions after 1969. Navarro was also one of the first female stars of the Spaghetti Western genre making her feature film debut in A Pistol for Ringo and its sequel The Return of Ringo along with later appearances in The Big Gundown (1966), Long Days of Vengeance (1967), Light the Fuse... Sartana Is Coming (1970) and Adiós, Sabata (1971). In 1972, she married to the Italian director and producer Luciano Ercoli, starring in many of his productions up until the early-1980s, and was familiar for her erotically-themed roles in giallo and sex comedies. She went into semi-retirement after 1983, making two last films in 1989. In recent years, she has returned to live in her native Spain with her husband.

"Death walks on high heels"

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"Emanuelle and the last cannibals"

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