Melissa Johnston

Melissa Rose Johnston was born in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Her only sibling is her twin sister and best friend, Amanda. In 2011 she appeared in ABC's teen drama Greek and booked her first role in a major motion picture, a dancer in Water for Elephants. Her ability to impress on set along with the worthy reviews she raked in for regional theater productions, landed her a lead role in The Asylum's 2011 teen comedy Barely Legal. In the raunchy, cult film, she played the innocent and naïve Sue. At first subjected to mixed reviews, her performance was commended after critics learned she received the script only four hours before filming. She was applauded by the director and producers for being so accommodating on a set that often rewrote scenes in between takes and completed the production in ten days.

"Barely legal" (2160p)

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"Barely legal" (2160p)

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