Meg Tilly

Meg Tilly was set on being a dancer, and was at 17 connected to Connecticut Ballet Company and later Throne Dance Theatre, and it was in this capacity she had her screen debut in Alan Parker's Fame (1980). Unfortunately an injury to her back forced her to seek another profession, which through a short appearance in "Hill Street Blues" (1981) became acting (dancing not all forgotten as seen in Big Chill, The (1983) and 0091668). Psycho II (1983) should have secured instant stardom, already before her Supporting Actress AA nomination for Agnes of God (1985), nobody could have any doubts who in that family was Oscar-bound. Next step was her casting in Academy Award buster Amadeus (1984) as Constanza, but again her body interfered and seven weeks with her foot in cast, were more than the backers could accept, and her "compensation" with a role in Forman's next project Valmont (1989) didn't do her career much good.

"Girl in a Swing"

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"Girl in a Swing"

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"Girl in a Swing"

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"Girl in a Swing"

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