Marta Anderson

Marta Anderson was born in 1945 in Brazil. After winning more than ten beauty contests in the sixties, Marta Anderson, born Sonia Marta Anders to German-Jewish parents in Brazil, decided to try her luck in Rio de Janeiro, the most important city in Brazilian art circuit. She got married to a TV producer, got divorced, and then married a Brazilian business man, just to get divorced again, after one child, Albert, who became a lawyer in Brazil. She starred in many soap operas, many low budget feature films, but her great rise was in Brazilian theatre, when already more than forty years old. After a religious experience, that she tells in her latest book, "A Mulher que desafiou a Deus" (The Woman who defied God), she quit her cinema and TV career and became a producer of various theatrical events, and is often connected with many humanitarian and religious causes.

"Bare behind bars"

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"Bare behind bars"

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