Maria Rojo

María Rojo is a Mexican actress and politician. She was born in 1943. Rojo began her career in Mexico, with a role on Teatro Fantástico TV series, before starring in films, such as: Las poquianchis, in 1976; Rojo amanecer, in 1989; El callejón de los milagros, in 1995; El Infierno, in 2010. She also participated in the successful telenovelas, such as: Cuando llega el amor in 1990, La antorcha encendida in 1996 (in which she played the role of Josefa Ortiz), Te Sigo Amando in 1996, Alborada in 2005-2006, Mañana es para siempre in 2008-2009, and Corazón Salvaje in 2009-2010. Rojo also participated in Mexican TV series such as: Mujeres Asesinas in 2008-2010, and Gritos de Muerte y Libertad in 2010, and in many theatre plays. After establishing a successful career as an actress, Maria Rojo began her political career as member of Party of the Democratic Revolution, where she has held very important political positions. She is a member of the Senate of Mexico.

"Candy stripe nurses"

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