Lelia Tong

Leila Tong Ling (born 5 December 1981) is an actress in Hong Kong. She was born into an Indonesian Chinese family. At the age of 8, Tong made her first film appearance in director John Woo's action-comedy Once A Thief, which was nominated for several categories at the 11th Annual Hong Kong Film Awards. TVB then recruited Tong as a child star, and she has since then appeared in dramas such as The Greed of Man and State of Divinity. As an adult, she took a three year break from the entertainment circle to attend a designing college. She has declined TVB's offer to personally manage her. In 2007, two of her series, Ten Brothers and Family Link have also made it into TVB's five top rated dramas of 2007. In December of that same year Lelia released her first Mandarin Music Album named "Singing with the Moon".

"A very short life"

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