Kotono stars in this Japanese movie about Ayano, a woman trapped in a loveless marriage with a guy who redefines the word “jerk”. She works at a company selling English learning materials and is suffering from increasingly disturbing hallucinations, which only get more intense when she starts an affair with a successful co-worker. All the while, gruesome murders involving dismemberment are plagueing Tokyo…

"At the mercy of the darkness"

Avi: 35.0 mb ---- Time: 2:35

"At the mercy of the darkness"

Avi: 54.9 mb ---- Time: 4:55

"At the mercy of the darkness"

Avi: 36.0 mb ---- Time: 3:13

"At the mercy of the darkness"

Avi: 29.4 mb ---- Time: 2:12

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