Kerry Fox

Kerry Fox (born July 30, 1966) is a New Zealand actress. She came to prominence playing author Janet Frame in the movie An Angel at My Table directed by Jane Campion, which gained her a Best Actress Award from the New Zealand Film and Television Awards. Kerry has gone on to build an international career, working far and wide in quality independent films and on television. She received praise and a nomination for the Australian Film Institute Awards for her leading role in Country Life, starred in Danny Boyle's breakout British hit Shallow Grave with Ewan McGregor, and was nominated for the Canadian Academy Award (Genie Award) for her supporting role in The Hanging Garden. In 2001 she won the Silver Bear for Best Actress for her role as Claire in Intimacy (directed by Patrice Chereau) at the Berlin Film Festival. In this film she performed real fellatio.

"Intimacy" (2160p)

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"Intimacy" (2160p)

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"Intimacy" (2160p)

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"Intimacy" (2160p)

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"An angel at my table"

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