Julie Christie

Julie Frances Christie (born 14 April 1941) is a British actress. Her first major film role was in The Fast Lady, a 1962 romantic comedy. She first gained notice as Liz, the friend and would-be lover of the eponymous Billy Liar (1963) played by Tom Courtenay. It was 1965 when Julie became known internationally. John Schlesinger directed her in her breakthrough role, as the amoral model Diana Scott in Darling, which earned her the academy award for best actress! In the 1970s, Julie starred in smaller, but culturally significant[citation needed] films such as Robert Altman's postmodern western McCabe & Mrs. Miller (1971), with Warren Beatty, where her role as a brothel 'madam' gained her a second Best Actress Oscar nomination. Many years later, in 2006, Julie won a whole lot of awards and another oscar nomination for 'Away from her', a movie about alzheimers disease!

"Don't look now"

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