Judie Aronson

Judith M. Aronson is an American actress who has starred in many films and a television show. The television series in which she starred was the short-lived Pursuit of Happiness as Sara Duncan from 1987-1988. Judie was born in Los Angeles, California, in 1964. Her first film role was in the 1984 horror film Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter as Samantha. In 1985, she starred in the hit comedy movie Weird Science as Hilly and in the action movie American Ninja. Her most recent movie is in the 2005 film Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. The death of her character in Friday the 13th was filmed on a cold December night. It was so cold out in the middle of the lake that the nude Judie started crying. Ironically, Judie's savior was Jason Voorhees himself—or rather, the stuntman who played him, Ted White. Outraged, White demanded that director Joseph Zito let the actress get warm or he'd quit; Zito, not having the time or money to find another stuntman big enough to play Jason, agreed. Still, Judie developed hypothermia filming the scene.

"Friday the 13th part 4"

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