Jennifer Delora

Jennifer Delora was born on March 2nd, 1962, Kingston, New York, USA. Jennifer did her first film at age 17 as a featured extra in "The Greatest Man in the World" for PBS. Since then, she has starred in everything from horror to comedy to the series for Playboy Channel: "Electric Blue". Her starring roles in comedies such as "New York's Finest", "Sensations", "Sexpot", "Young Nurses in Love"; to horror/thrillers: "Deranged", "Fright House", "Deadly Manor", "Phantasy" and "Frankenhooker". Jennifer is not only a talented award winning actress she has a genius IQ, and 2 PhD's, and through her BA (she started at 30) and her PhD's with her extra credit ended with a 4.5 GPA (and finished her first Ph.D. by the time she was 34). Jennifer is deaf. She has 100% loss in right ear and over 90% left ear. But speaks perfectly, uses sign language and still sings as well as signs to music.


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