Janus Blythe

Lovely, dynamic and personable brunette beauty Janus Blythe made her extremely strong and commanding presence felt in a choice bunch of high quality 70s horror pictures and exploitation features. The appealingly spunky and attractive Janus began her acting career in the mid 70s with small roles as a room mate in the splendidly sleazy psycho opus "The Centerfold Girls" and a groupie in Brian De Palma's marvelously delirious "Phantom of the Paradise." Blythe achieved her greatest cult popularity with her terrific portrayal of Ruby, the fed-up and semi-civilized rebellious teenage daughter of the dangerous desert cannibal clan who defects from her highly dysfunctional brood and sides with a family of opposing normal outsiders in Wes Craven's outstanding fright film classic "The Hills Have Eyes."

"Eaten alive"

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