Irm Hermann

Irm Hermann (born Irmgard Hermann 4 October 1942, Munich) is a German actress. Irm became a publishing clerk after finishing school and worked as a secretary for ADAC when she met Rainer Werner Fassbinder in 1966, who convinced her to quit her job to work with him, despite her lack of formal training as an actor. In the same year, Hermann already starred in her debut role in Fassbinder's short film The City Tramp (Der Stadtstreicher), and from then on went to play major characters in 19 of Fassbinder's movies. Beyond their professional relation, Irm Hermann soon became one of Fassbinder closest confidants. From the mid 1970s she worked more often for other directors. Since Fassbinder's early death, she has acted in numerous German film and television productions. Irm starred in 2011 in the Horror drama Die Blutgräfin.

"Der Handler der 4 Jahreszeiten"

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