Hollie Stenson

Hollie Stenson started her career in 1999 in an episode of 'Net talk live'. Appearing in over 30 combined studio and independent films, Hollie’s accomplishments include such titles as Robert Altman’s “Dr. T & The Women” and Sandra Bullock’s “Miss Congeniality.” Several of her films made it to the big screen, some made it to festivals and straight to video (and some didn’t even make it to the cutting room floor!) but the experience has rounded Hollie out as an extremely versatile actress in Hollywood today. Also under her belt are over 20 national, regional and local commercials, a couple of television appearances including “Crossing Jordan” and a background in news reporting. Currently Hollie is represented by the Endeavor Agency for hosting, a skill she still enjoys employing while not filming movies.

"Femme fatales 2.06"

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