Frances Raines

Frances Raines was a lovely and shapely brunette actress who popped up in a handful of enjoyably trashy low budget exploitation pictures made throughout the 80s. Raines was born on July 17, 1962 in Reno, Nevada. She's the grand niece of legendary actor Claude Rains and spent the bulk of her acting career in New York City. Her most memorable film roles are a skinny-dipping teen victim in the gruesome slasher flick "The Mutilator," a sweet innocent virgin model who's raped by a libidinous evil alien in the laughably lousy sci-fi schlock hoot "Breeders," a severely mistreated women's prison inmate in the sleazy chicks-in-chains romp "Bad Girls' Dormitory," and a battered gangster's moll in the outrageously tacky "Riot on 42nd St."


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