Frances Barber

Frances Barber (born on 13 May 1958 in Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England) is an Olivier Award-nominated English actress with a long and distinguished stage career. She has also worked extensively in BBC, Granada and ITV television drama. With Pet Shop Boys, she starred in their musical Closer to Heaven in 2001 as well as guest singer for the song "Friendly Fire" on their 2006 live concert at the Mermaid Theatre. Frances is a regular face on British television; she recently guest starred in the Spring 2007 season of the BBCs Hustle, reprised her role as Goneril in the 2008 TV film of King Lear. In 2008, she appeared as Mrs Prentice in the BBC sitcom Beautiful People and Nancy in Casualty.

"A zed and two noughts"

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