Emma Greenwell

Emma Greenwell (born January 14, 1989) is an American actress. She was born in Greenwich, Connecticut, to a French mother and an English father. The family moved back to London’s South Kensington neighborhood before her second birthday. She attended the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art for a year. Greenwell said it was good, but it made her realize she didn't want to go to drama school before trying her luck at pilot season in Los Angeles, California. 'Shameless', the Emmy-winning Showtime drama, was her first job. She booked it when she was 22. Prior to that she was planning on going back to London. Booking Shameless forced her to rent a car, find an apartment so she didn't end up going back to London for nine months.

"Shameless 2.04 & 2.12" (2160p)

MP4: 80 mb ---- Time: 1:06

"Shameless 3.03" (2160p)

MP4: 156 mb ---- Time: 1:43

"Shameless 3.04" (2160p)

MP4: 142 mb ---- Time: 1:49

"Shameless 3.10 & 3.11" (2160p)

MP4: 144 mb ---- Time: 1:58

"Shameless 4.04" (2160p)

MP4: 190 mb ---- Time: 2:35

"Shameless 5.03" (2160p)

MP4: 159 mb ---- Time: 2:10

"The Path 1.01"

Avi: 31.4 mb ---- Time: 1:59


Avi: 94.7 mb ---- Time: 1:59

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