Emily Browning

Emily Jane Browning (born 7 December 1988) is an Australian film actress and fashion model, known for her roles as Violet Baudelaire in Brad Silberling's 2004 film Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, as Anna Ivers in the 2009 film The Uninvited, and as Babydoll in Zack Snyder's 2011 action thriller Sucker Punch. She won the 2005 AFI International Award for Best Actress for her role in A Series of Unfortunate Events. Emily won an AFI Young Actor's Award in 2002 and was nominated for the same award in 1999 and 2003. She was also nominated for Broadcast Film Critics Association Critics' Choice Award for Best Young Performer and Young Artist Awards Best Performance in a Feature Film, Leading Young Actress (both 2005). In 2011 Emily starred in 'Sleeping beauty', which included lot's of nudescenes!

"Summer in february"

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"Sleeping beauty" (2160p)

MP4: 169 mb ---- Time: 2:18

"Sleeping beauty" (2160p)

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"Sleeping beauty" (2160p)

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"Sleeping beauty" (2160p)

MP4: 156 mb ---- Time: 2:08

"Sleeping beauty" (2160p)

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"Sleeping beauty" (2160p)

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"Sleeping beauty" (2160p)

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"Sleeping beauty" (2160p)

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"American Gods 1.05" (2160p)

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"The affair 4.05" (1080p)

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"The affair 4.07" (1080p)

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