Elvire Audray

Elvire Audray starred in the 1985 movie 'Amazonia: The Catherine Miles story'. Set up as though it were a true tale, this far-out Italian potboiler by Mario Garriazo (aka: "Roy Garrett") begins with the reminiscences of a London housewife and continues as a long series of flashbacks. Catherine (Elvire Audray) lives with her parents on a plantation on the Amazon River. On her 18th birthday, the family takes a trip upstream and are attacked by Native Americans. Her parents are killed by poisonous darts and Catherine is captured and then raised by an Amazonian jungle tribe.

"Amazonia: the Catherine Miles story" (1080p)

Avi: 106 mb ---- Time: 2:24

"Amazonia: the Catherine Miles story" (1080p)

Avi: 116 mb ---- Time: 2:22

"Amazonia: the Catherine Miles story" (1080p)

Avi: 119 mb ---- Time: 2:22

"Amazonia: the Catherine Miles story" (1080p)

Avi: 109 mb ---- Time: 2:16

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