Eliska Cross

Eliska Cross starred in the explicit mainstream movie 'Histoires de sexe' in 2009. In 'Histoires de sexe', Agathe is hosting a dinner party for her girlfriends Sandrine, Lise and Jennifer. The husbands are having a party of their own. Over the course of the evening, the women and the men discuss the state of their sexual lives and their stories are occasionally illustrated in flashbacks. Sandrine and Bertrand are a swinging couple with "rules" about their marriage, yet they've both explored extramarital trysts without the other's knowledge. Lise and Franck are feeling some tension in their marriage because she isn't enjoying the sex and this increasingly frustrates him. Agatha's daughter, Caroline, has a relationship with Jean-Philippe, but secretly he is more interested in Agatha!

"Histoires de sexe(s)"

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