Eileen Daly

Eileen Daly (born 1 June 1963) is an English actress, film producer, writer, model, poet and singer/songwriter. She is also a well-known contemporary scream queen starring in numerous cult movies. Eileen has been a cover model for a range of magazines including Skin Two, Time Out, Bizarre (magazine), The Dark Side (magazine), The Chronicles, Redeemer, Bite Me and Bloodstone. Many of these magazines have included features on Eileen together with, on occasion, some of her poetry. She also contributed articles and wrote columns for several magazines in the 1990s. Most of her efforts in recent years has been dedicated to developing her band The Courtesans, working on songs and videos and extending her fan base.

"Sacred flesh"

Avi: 27.9 mb ----- Time 2:51

"All about Anna" (X-rated)

Avi: 36.5 mb ----- Time 2:53

"All about Anna" (X Rated)

Avi: 35.7 mb ----- Time 3:11

"All about Anna - 720p"

Avi: 80.7 mb ----- Time 3:10

"All about Anna - 720p"

Avi: 74.6 mb ----- Time 2:55

"Cradle of fear" (1080p)

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