Dominique Lavanant

Dominique Lavanant (born 24 May 1944) in Morlaix, Finistčre, is a César Award-winning French film and theatrical actress, famous for her comedy skills especially with posh and distinguished characters, like Rosalind Russell's; characters often defined by the adjective BCBG, bon chic bon genre, and which refers to a particular stereotype of the French upper middle class – to be conservative in both outlook and dress. She achieved fame in the mid-1970s while filming Les bronzés with the acting troupe Le Splendid. Her filmography includes many successful films: Papy fait de la résistance, La boum, Trois hommes et un couffin, Les bronzés font du ski, Inspecteur la Bavure (alongside Gérard Depardieu). In 1988, she was awarded Best supporting actress for her role in Agent Trouble (with Catherine Deneuve). Dominique's latest work is the 2013 movie 'Ŕ votre bon coeur Mesdames'. The below scene from 'Calmos' is one of the most explicit scenes ever in a maninstream movie!


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