Debi Giezing

Debi Giezing starred in the movie 'Fleshtone', made in 1994. Set in Los Angeles, "Fleshtone" is about a lonely painter (Matthew Greco, played by Martin Kemp) who answers a phone sex ad, believing he's finally found someone who understands him--and, most importantly, someone who can turn him on. After awhile of "getting to know each other"--which mainly consists of them sharing sexual and morbid phone conversations--Edna Claire and Matthew agree to meet each other in a motel room. However, when Matthew arrives, he finds a dead, mutilated Edna instead--cut in two at the waist, and posed eerily like the bisected portrait she had insisted he draw of her awhile back. Not surprisingly, Matthew is framed for her murder, creating a trail of detectives and unknown bad guys, who apparently had wanted to pin the murder on him.


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