Debbie Osborne

Debbie Osborne was a cute, bubbly and enticing pixieish redhead actress who greatly enlivened a handful of enjoyably down'n'dirty exploitation pictures and sizzling soft-core features alike in the early 70's. Osborne was especially memorable as sweet and eager virginal innocent Cindy in the terrifically trashy "Cindy and Donna." She was likewise solid and spirited as bawdy wench Angelica in the amusingly crude "The Erotic Adventures of Pinocchio." Alas, following her appearance in the lurid evil hippie opus "The Manson Massacre" Debbie Osborne suddenly stopped acting and seems to have disappeared into thin air.

"Tobacco Roody"

Avi: 22.3 mb ---- Rated: R

"Cindy and Donna"

Avi: 45.4 mb ---- Time 3:04

"Country cuzzins"

Avi: 41.9 mb ---- Time 3:22


Avi: 100 mb ---- Time 3:22

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