Debbie D

Debbie D was born in 1972 in Philadelphia, USA. She appears frequently at Science Fiction and Fantasy conventions as "Destiny The Vampire Mermaid". This comic book character is featured monthly in "Scary Monsters Magazine". Debbie started doing obscure B movies in 1993 in 'Burglar from hell'. Some movies she appeared in are 'Eaten alive', 'Hayride slaughter', 'Revenge of the necktie strangler', 'Demon of temptation', 'Death from beyond' and 'Warriors of the apocalypse'.

"Kill the scream queen"

Avi: 58.3 mb ---- Time: 5:39

"Black ribbon"

Avi: 41.7 mb ---- Time: 3:27

"Black ribbon"

Avi: 42.7 mb ---- Time: 3:42

"Black ribbon"

Avi: 43.3 mb ---- Time: 3:36

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