Claudia Butenuth

Claudia Butenuth was born on September 20, 1946 in Germany. Her career started in 1966 with the yv movie 'Panoptikum'. Her debut on the big screen was two years later, in 'Die goldene Pille'. Claudia appeared in many movies in her long career, but also in several tv series. In 1970 she did 6 episodes of 'FBI - Francesco Bertolazzi investigatore'. In 1974 Claudia appeared in 10 epsiodes of the tv series 'Motiv Liebe'. Two years later she did 19 episodes of 'Die Unternehmungen des Herrn Hans'. Claudia's career ended in 1995, when she finished an episode of 'Derrick'.

"What have you done to Solange"

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