Chantal Janzen

Chantal Janzen (born 15 February 1979 in Tegelen) is a Dutch actress and musical star. She starred in The Preacher, Full Moon Party and Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo and presented Idols. She also played Belle in the Dutch Musical version of Beauty and the Beast and Jane in the Dutch Musical version of Tarzan. Chantal also stars as Glinda in the Dutch premiere production of Wicked. She played several parts in movies like 'De Dominee', 'Feestje', 'Volle Maan', 'Alles is Liefde', 'Kicks' and the made for TV film Loverboy. Chantal won a whole bunch of awards for her roles in musicals. On 23 January 2009 she gave birth to her healthy son James. Her partner is Marco Geeratz, who brought three kids in the relationship.

"De Dominee"

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