Catalina Rodriguez

A rising Latina from Miami who has made a career in modeling, TV commercials and as an actress - Catalina Rodriguez was born in Medellin, Colombia, her family is that of Spaniard and German descent. In 2006, Catalina made her film debut in the independent film, "SPIN," where she plays one of the lead roles, Dolores Rosas. "starring Shalim Ortiz (son of Charitin) as well as Fernando Carillo. A story of Latinos striving to attain the American Dream within the sexy Latin Music world of Miami. Infused with sex, passion and betrayal. The film targets a crossover English speaking audience with its fast paced, music and dance driven bitter-sweet drama set in the world of the beautiful, the wealthy and the self made Miami Latino music crowd. Today Catalina is probably best known for her appearance in 28 episodes of the tv series 'Watch over me'.

"Pimp bullies"

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