Carrie Fleming

Carrie Fleming was born in 1974 in Canada. Her acting debut was in the 1994 made for tv movie 'Viper'. Two years later she got a part in the Adam Sandler movie 'Happy Gilmore', but her role landed on the cutting room floor. Carrie did date Adam Sandler for a while. Her real debut on the big screen was the 1999 movie 'The Swishy-Washy'. Carrie also starred in some tv series, like 'Smallville' (1 episode), 'The L Word' (2 episodes) and 'Supernatural' (2 episodes).
In the 'Good luck Chuck' clip Carrie is the dirty talker!

"Good luck Chuck"

Avi: 36.4 mb ---- Time: 2:44


Avi: 69.7 mb ---- Time: 2:44

"Masters of horror 1.04" (1080p)

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"Masters of horror 1.04" (1080p)

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