Carol Hawkins

Carol Hawkins (born 31 January 1949 in Barnet, Hertfordshire) is an English actress. While still training as an actress, she won the part of Sharon Eversleigh in the film and popular television series Please Sir!, replacing the departed Penny Spencer. Hawkins went on to play the part of Sharon in The Fenn Street Gang. Hawkins is perhaps best known (and forever fondly remembered by many British males of a certain age) as a defining - if possibly reluctant - example of 1970s so-called "English crumpet", both for the role of Sharon Eversleigh and for her performances in two prime-period examples of the legendary Carry On film series: Carry On Abroad (1972), alongside Sally Geeson, and Carry On Behind (1975), alongside Sherrie Hewson. She appeared in the Carry On Laughing television series, but, a deceptively introspective actress, she declined to appear in the 1976 Carry On England, finding the proposed nudity excessive (the part written for Hawkins was played instead by Tricia Newby). Hawkins "more or less retired" in 2005, with the aim of devoting more time to spiritual matters and animal care.

"Zeta one" (2160p)

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