Caren Kaye

Caren Kaye (born March 12, 1951) is an American television and film actress. Born in New York City, Caren has appeared in dozens of films and guest starred in many TV series. Of all her appearances, she is likely best remembered for her role in the film My Tutor. Caren played an older woman (32 years old) hired to offer summer tutoring to a male high school student, with whom she has an affair. One of her earlier roles was in a Navy training film about a young woman going through basic training. In 1984, she co-starred as the mother of Jason Bateman and girlfriend of David Garrison (Married With Children) in the teen comedy It's Your Move on NBC. The series lasted only one season. She was also in Blansky's Beauties, a spin-off of Happy Days. Caren married Rennie Temple in 1980 and has 1 child!

"My Tutor" (2160p)

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"My Tutor" (2160p)

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"My Tutor" (2160p)

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"My Tutor" (2160p)

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