Caitriona Balfe

Caitriona Balfe (born 4 October 1979) is an Irish actress and fashion model. She started modelling at the age of 19 after she was scouted by an agent while she was collecting money for charity at a local mall. Before she started modelling, Balfe was studying Drama at the Dublin Institute of Technology, hoping to become an actress. Balfe has appeared in in the films Super 8, Now You See Me, and Escape Plan. Balfe was cast as the female lead, Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser, on the Starz television series Outlander, based on the novels written by Diana Gabaldon; she plays a mid-20th-century nurse who is transported back in time to the war torn mid-18th-century Scottish Highlands.

"Outlander 1.01" (2160p)

MP4: 140 mb ---- Time: 1:54

"Outlander 1.02" (2160p)

MP4: 126 mb ---- Time: 1:44

"Outlander 1.07" (2160p)

MP4: 183 mb ---- Time: 2:30

"Outlander 1.07" (2160p)

MP4: 185 mb ---- Time: 2:32

"Outlander 1.07" (2160p)

MP4: 165 mb ---- Time: 2:16

"Outlander 1.08" (2160p)

MP4: 129 mb ---- Time: 1:47

"Outlander 1.09" (2160p)

MP4: 171 mb ---- Time: 2:20

"Outlander 1.09" (2160p)

MP4: 188 mb ---- Time: 2:34

"Outlander 1.09" (2160p)

MP4: 164 mb ---- Time: 2:14

"Outlander 1.09" (2160p)

MP4: 178 mb ---- Time: 2:27

"Outlander 3.06" (2160p)

MP4: 170 mb ---- Time: 2:19

"Outlander 3.06" (2160p)

MP4: 163 mb ---- Time: 2:15

"Outlander 4.06" (2160p)

MP4: 75 mb ---- Time: 1:34

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