Brande Roderick

Now in its 11th season, Baywatch Hawaii executives brought on South to bring new depth to the show which will showcase Brande as the lead. A native of Northern California, Brande attended Santa Rosa Junior College with aspirations towards acting. She was last seen in P'boy's April issue as Miss April 2000. Brande has appeared on television shows such as "Jesse," "Two Guys and a Girl," and "Beverly Hills 90210", as well as in numerous commercials including Dr. Pepper and Snickers. Brande currently makes her home in Los Angeles, but she is looking forward to living in Hawaii while shooting the show.

"Life of a Gigolo"

Avi: 7.9 mb ----- Rated: R

"Stripper Wives"

Avi: 6.4 mb ----- Rated: R

"Sheer Passion"

Avi: 9.2 mb ----- Rated: R

"Club Wildside 2"

Avi: 12.9 mb ----- Rated: R

"Club Wildside 2"

Avi: 11.4 mb ----- Rated: R

"Club Wildside 2"

Avi: 14.5 mb ----- Rated: R

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