Blake Pickett

Tall (5'9"), gorgeous, and slender green-eyed blonde Blake Pickett was born on November 14 in Yazoo City, Mississippi. Blake was a gymnast for twelve years. At age seventeen Pickett left Mississippi to pursue a modeling career. During this time Blake lived in such places as Atlanta, Georgia, Chicago, Illinois, Nashville, Tennessee (while living in Nasville she became the first game show hostess for the Nashville Network), Los Angeles, California, and Miami, Florida as well as worked as a model in both Greece and Germany. Pickett acted in her first movie in 1991. Besides acting and modeling, Blake is also a stunt woman, a certified scuba diver, and an accomplished equestrian. Pickett lives in Venice, California, where she works as a full-fledged photographer.

"Erotic house of wax"

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"Confessions of a lap dancer" (720p)

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"Confessions of a lap dancer" (720p)

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"Confessions of a lap dancer" (720p)

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"Confessions of a lap dancer" (720p)

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