Belinda Meuldijk

Belinda Meuldijk (born 7 January 1955) is a Dutch actress, writer, and activist. She has performed in Dutch television shows and movies, and is also a song writer. She first performed at age six in the Pipo de Clown television show, conceived by her father, Wim Meuldijk; later, she provided the impetus for the 2003 movie Pipo en de p-p-Parelridder and produced and wrote the songs for the 2009 musical Pipo en de Gestolen Stem. From 1984 to 2005 she was married to Dutch singer Rob de Nijs, for whom she wrote a number of songs (including the 1996 hit song "Banger Hart"). They had two sons, but had been living separately since 1993. Until 2009, when she was ordered by a court to leave, Meuldijk lived in the villa she and de Nijs had shared.

"Soldaat van Oranje"

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