Belen Chavanne

Belen Chavanne (born in 1989) debuted as actress in the teen series "Champs 12" in 2009; a year later she played Nina in the fourth season of "Casi Angeles". In 2011 she debuted on the big screen in the film 5.5.5, by director Gustavo Giannini. In 2014 debut in USA with "Ball Boy", filmed in New York. She studied acting at The Stella Adler Studio of Acting in New York, she has a long career as a model and DJ. Today is considered one of the new muses of cinema for its attractive sensual traits.

"Hipersomnia" (1080p)

Avi: 139 mb ---- Time: 2:42

"Hipersomnia" (1080p)

Avi: 133 mb ---- Time: 2:36

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