Barbara Niven

Barbara Niven (born February 26, 1953) is an American actress. She is known for her roles on soap operas The Bold and the Beautiful as Brenda Dickerson, and in One Life to Live as Liz Coleman Reynolds. Barbara played Marilyn Monroe in the HBO film The Rat Pack in 1998 and has appeared in several films such as Hired to Kill (1990), Under Lock and Key (1995), Forest Warrior (1996), Foxfire (1996), Breast Men (1997), The Drone Virus (2004), Chasing Ghosts (2005), Redline (2007), Summer's Blood (2009), Accused at 17 (2009) andA Perfect Ending (2012), and well of Lifetime movies Stranger in My Bed (2005), The Perfect Neighbor (2005), Double Cross (2006), Murder in My House (2006), A Valentine Carol (2007), Dead at 17 (2008), Heat Wave (2009) and My Mother's Secret (2012). Barbara has written two books, Get Your Woman On and How Did You Do That!.

"A perfect ending"

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"A perfect ending"

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